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The idea behind Paws and Tales

The idea for Paws and Tales came from an urge to share the experience we have made when we decided to adopt a little puppy which was thrust into our lives without warning. Other than the advice of friends and family, and the few things we remembered from home, we were clueless of how to care for something that depended on us for shelter, safety and nurturing.

I have always loved animals and grew up surrounded by different types of pets, but I never believed that owning your own “friend” could result in such an incredible feeling of happiness and caring. The story of how we came to be the “parents” of two of the most adorable little mutts, however, is something to be shared in another post.

Paws and Tales is meant to be a platform where animal lovers, like myself, can share the experiences and stories of their best friends. This can range from anything interesting, adorable, exciting or educational which you have picked up and learned during your time with your pets. Anyone looking for advice on certain matters, should be able to find it on this page if need be.

If you are not looking for advice, maybe a couple of inspirational, funny and amazing tales of humans and their fury friends can lighten your day and motivate you to adopt and care for an animal yourself.

Let us all work together to make this platform flourish and become the site to be regarding animal adventures and educational conversations.

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